Me me ME!

Hello and WELCOME to my blog!  Please take the time to look around and see what I am doing!  I started this blog as an off shoot of my personal blog.  I consider myself to be one of the lucky people who get to try out awesome products and share my thoughts with the world!  Or at least whoever reads my blog 🙂  I love stuff (who DOESN”T???)  and try a lot of things on my own as well as items sent from companies.  My goal is to give my readers the information that they need to make smart informed decisions on the products they buy/websites they use….My opinions are always HONEST and thoughtful and ALL MY OWN!  Even though I may be given free products or occasionally paid money for a post, it does not change the authenticity of my reviews, ideas, or thoughts. 


I am a small business owner (well recently started small business!)  I make my own soy candles and sell them out of one store right now (and hopefully more to follow!).  I am always learning and creating and trying new ideas to make my business better and my customers overly satisfied!  Being in the world of blogging, I know just how important it is to have great word of mouth advertising.  I am also a mother to two beautiful children.  They keep me very busy and I am so blessed to be able to teach them and have them teach me.  When I am not running my business, blogging, or playing with my family you can find me reading, listening to music (and dancing too!), organizing my (always cluttered) coupon binder, cooking, gardening (in the warmer months), and lots more!  You can view my personal blog here for anything that is not product related.

Thanks for visiting my page!  Remember to subscribe to my blog 🙂  Also, if you are a fellow blogger, let me know so I can subscribe to you as well!  I love reading what other people are doing/thinking/testing/reviewing!


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