My awesome MAM Rock-A-Bye Baby Party thanks to Child’s Play Party!

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It's a Child's Play party!

So, I was recently given the opportunity to host a MAM Rock-A-Bye Baby party through Child’s Play Party.  I was surprised and excited when I found out that I was chosen to host!  First, we love MAM products in our house.  It is the ONLY brand of paci’s that we use (except for one Playtex paci given to us as a back up).  Of course, MAM offers more than just paci’s (though I am led to believe that the paci’s are their top seller!).  I received a party package that included gifts for myself and ten moms with babies ages 0-2 plus coupons, informational booklets, games, and door prizes.  The party package was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Absolutely!  I was wowed at how generous MAM was with the gifts for everybody!  The box that arrived at my doorstep alone could fit both of my children and probably myself in it!

See how big the shipping box is?

It came packed full of goodies!  My $75 Package Included:

My Gift Package!

  • MAM Baby Triple pack Anti-Colic Bottle 8 ounce
  • MAM Baby Triple pack  Anti-Colic Bottle 5 ounce
  • MAM Baby Night pacifier
  • MAM Baby  Air pacifier
  • MAM Baby Clip & Cover (for pacifiers)
  • MAM Baby Oral Care Rabbit
  • MAM Baby Cooler Teether
  • MAM Baby Bite & Brush

The guests $30 Packages included:

Guest Gift Packages

  • MAM Baby Single Anti-Colic Bottle 5oz
  • MAM Baby Single Anti-Colic Bottle 8oz
  • MAM Baby Night Pacifier
  • MAM Baby Oral Care Rabbit
  • MAM Baby Cooler Teether
  • MAM Baby Learn to Brush Set

I was so excited to invite my friends and family to this party!  I knew that they were going to love the stuff as much as me.  Plus, any reason to get together, eat, and have a good time is great for me!  I decided to hold the party at my mom’s house because a lot of my friends live closer to her house than mine.  I wanted as many people to show up as possible and figured it is easier for me to drive an hour to my guests than to have my guests drive an hour to me.  My mom made her special Creme Wafer cookies.  They are so delicious.  Any family get together we have involves at least one batch of these melt in your mouth morsels.

Grandma and Merric making cookies for the party!

More cookie making.

Yum. Love the cute cooke cutter designs!

Taste Test!

Getting ready for the party was a lot of fun!  I chose a pink and blue theme for boys and girls.  We had Honey Baked Ham, Meatballs, Cheese, Olives, Pickles, Cream Puffs, Creme Wafer Cookies, Juice, Pop, Milk, Water, Tea, Macaroni and Cheese……I think that is all.  A great party is measured in the quality of the feast 🙂  And ours was delish!

Food Spread minus the hot foods.

I went simple on the gift bags – divided them up into boy bags and girls bags using tissue paper to discern between the two.  Cute and easy to put together.  I was excited just to put all of the goodies in each bag!

Gift Table.

I set up a display for the birth announcements (a little disappointed because a few people did not bring a baby picture!).

Birth Announcements

Display Table

Cute Decoration!

We had a great time playing the games and just chatting and eating.  It was also pretty hectic with all of the little babies running/crawling around!  I was happy at the turn-out.

A party-goer, Shelly

Playing Games!

Friends and babies (the baby on the right is mine!)

My Sister, My Mom, and Myself

 Only one of my friends didn’t show up because her daughter fell ill.  She was supposed to bring a friend too….So, I have two left over gift bags!  And I thought…”What should I do with these extra goodies?”  BLOG GIVE AWAY!!!!  This will actually be my FIRST blog give away.  This is my NEW blog – strictly for reviews.  Please check out my OLD BLOG for all previous reviews/content.  My BLOG GIVE AWAY post will follow this review post.  It will contain specific instructions on how to enter to win your OWN $30 MAM Goody Bag!!!

All in all it was a great party!  I am very happy that I was chosen and my friends are also very happy that I was chosen 🙂  I hope to have another opportunity for my friends and I with Child’s Play Party/Communications.  Check out their site and sign up for yourself!  Also Give them a shout-out on twitter using hashtag #ChildsPlayParty I love being able to try out products and tell people about them.  Please be notified that I was given these products and ALL of the opinions are MY OWN.  Thanks!