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Well, I am working on this blog but am still posting to my other.  So, I am going to link up my review for Cerra™ for now and put any new reviews after these on here.  Check it out


New Blog!

Whew!  I have decided to set up another blog – really a random whimsy.  I was checking out a fellow bloggers blog at this wordpress site and had to set up an account.  So, since I have been busy in the social product testing world  I thought I would set up a blog strictly for topics such as products I try, free samples, coupons, cool websites I find and/or use.  So, I am just setting it up right now and will add more content later.


This has been a busy week already!  I recently started my own candle making business.  Yummy smelling soy container candles made with love by me 🙂 And personalized gift baskets.  I have been an avid candle connoisseur since I was a teenager.  Love candles – love the scents.  So…I have been unemployed and looking for a **decent** job for quite a while now and nothing has come up.  So I figured that now is the time to just jump in and do it!  I wrote up a business plan and a financial outlook and found someone willing to invest a small start up amount.  I am “boot strapping” – but working hard to make my dreams come true!  And, as a stroke of perfect timing, a really cute upscale store asked me if I would like to display my candles.  Of course!!!  So exciting!  And that is where I am at now.  Taking care of my two beautiful daughters (ages 11 months and 7 years) and doing something I have passion for.  And exploring the world of social media marketing on the side.


I started product testing a few years ago for the website  Now not only am I a member of bzzagent, but I am also a member of a few other awesome sites.  Not only do I get to try new products and share my opinion with the companies that make them, I also get to meet new people.  It is a win-win situation.  The social media world has just EXPLODED over the past couple of years and has opened up so many new avenues for marketing, socializing, interacting….My experience with being a consumer and product testing is one of my main marketing strategies in my own business.  Well, the concept of word of mouth advertising – it is proven that this is the top form of advertising.  I love being able to help brands I love spread the word as well as new brands who are looking for an extra oomph.  And I love stuff. It is so fun to share samples too because any person I have ever given a sample to has been excited about it.  And that makes me excited.


So let’s see what kind of fun we can have!  I have a lot of awesome programs in the works right now.  I just got approved today through Crowdtap to do an Old Navy Style Council Sample Share!  Yay!  This is my second sample share.  I just did one with them for the new line of Old Navy Jeans. ( See my blog post here )  This sample share is for the new workout pants and a top.  What is even more awesome than that is I get an extra coupon to share with a friend!  This is great for me because I bought a gym membership on Living Social and have yet to redeem it.  Now I have some motivation – cute workout clothes!

Also, I am a member of The Shespeaks Blogger Society and have had a lot of fun with this group of ladies!  We just did a campaign for Macy’s, The Aetna Healthy Food Fight,, and just today – Torani Syrup (Yum!!).  You will see a lot of posts about this group.

Also today, I got my Burt’s Bees sensitive skin bzz kit in the mail.  It has a face cleanser, face moisturizer, and a bunch of moisturizer samples to hand out – plus coupons to share too.  A great kit for sure!

And…I redeemed a $50 Amazon gift card I received for doing activities through Coffee-Mate Brew Crew and bought myself some ink for my printer (I make my own candles labels, for now).  It was a good day!


But you will hear about all of these cool products later…and how you can be able to try out stuff just like me!


Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, and follow my blog – I will do the same for you 🙂

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